Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer at ACFC

At Austin Community Family Center, our volunteers are an valuable fountain of support, whom can strongly develop the mission to care for the youth, inspire positive development in their lives, families, and communities. There are many forms our volunteers can contribute their times and talents. Whether being an individual or group, there are many ways to become involved. Throughout the Austin neighborhood, many business leaders, community advocates, parents, teens, and individuals who want to give back and support their community center at the ACFC.

All tasks at our organization relate to advising families, mentoring young people, delivering assistance to seniors are reserved for volunteers. We feel these roles, which are fundamental to the meeting of our organization's mission, are best done by volunteers - unpaid staff donating their time and talent - rather than paid employees.

Become a Volunteer 

To apply to be a volunteer, complete a Volunteer Form at our local office. The form gets reviewed by ACFC staff for approval. An important question asked during the process is:

Why do you want to volunteer at the ACFC?

and we ask for three (3) references. We also do a background check on volunteers. Upon approval of a volunteer, a sheet of volunteer expectations and commitment is required of the volunteer to read and sign.

You can also visit our Volunteer Sign Up Form or  Donation page for more information on donating to ACFC. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Cornelius Coe, Facility Recreations Director, at 773-887-4317 or acfamilycenter@gmail.com.